Specific Considerations for Dance, Music, Theater and Visual Arts!


Danielson’s 2013 Framework for Teaching (FfT) provides teachers and school leaders with a common language to describe and discuss effective teaching in order to achieve continuous growth in teacher practice and student learning. The Fft was created as an overarching framework that describes the commonalities in every classroom.
Many school leaders and teachers have requested additional support in using the FfT in classrooms in which student characteristics, subject content, or program models may differ significantly from other courses or subjects. In response, the specific considerations for Dance, Music, Theater and Visual Arts offers school leaders and teachers of the arts component aligned questions to be discussed when providing feedback, engaging in pre-post-observations and planning next steps. They can also be used by teachers as a resource to guide their thinking as they plan and reflect on their instructional practice in how they are meeting the needs of their students.
The specific considerations present additional context to consider, keeping in mind that not every question will be applicable depending upon the students’ need and context. These questions align to the Benchmarks for Arts Learning as described in The Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts: Dance, Music Theater and Visual Arts and align with the work of the Office of Arts and Special Projects to support students by helping create rigorous learning environments that focus on academic and artistic achievement.