• The DOE’s Office of Arts and Special Projects is happy to provide all New York City teachers of the arts with a platform for a professional learning, community building and a forum to share resources, challenges and successes related to teacher effectiveness. The goal of this virtual portal is to serve teachers of the arts in their quest to improve their instructional practice and to serve their students more effectively.

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A Message from Teacher Effectiveness in the Arts

For teachers in the arts, Startchr.nyc is a request fulfilled. This dynamic professional learning platform meets the needs of today’s arts educator.

As a result of the Arts Office’s commitment the artistic community now has a PLACE to support, share, and grow upon best practices. Startchr.nyc is a pioneer in the educational community by meeting the demands of today’s social media being, specifically those in the arts community, who place a very high value on connection, collegiality and professional learning to impact student outcomes. For arts educators, StarTchr.NYC provides a unique forum for invigorating dialogue. The New York City arts educator now has access to a PLACEProfessional Learning for the Arts Community to Empower. Through this social learning platform the arts community at large can support, share, and grow upon best practices. Leveraging technology, StarTchr.NYC is able to meet the demands of today’s arts educators, who place a very high value on connection, collegiality, and professional learning to enhance the arts in our schools and to inspire the students they serve.

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Announcing a StarTCHR powered portal exclusively for School Leaders

School administrators of NYC public schools now have access to a resource that is completely separate but aligned to StarTCHR.nyc. Now school leaders have a tailored resource to support, share, and enhance best leadership practices around bolstering and maintaining high-quality arts instruction. For administrators who are tasked with supervising arts programs, StarTCHR | Leadership offers an innovative forum to engage in practical discussions around teaching and learning in the arts, as well as have access to on-demand resources and learning modules.

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Latest News

Grants for the 2017-2018

To apply for Arts Continuum, Arts Family Engagement, and Arts for ELLs and SWDs click http://tinyurl.com/artspartnerships. Proposal_Writing_Tips_ArtsPartnershipGrants.pdf

Arts Studio Funding Allocation

An Arts Studio funding allocation for 2016-17 has been placed in all eligible schools’ budgets. Please see School Allocation Memorandum (SAM) #103 for details. Eligible teachers and principals have been notified by email of this funding. This allocation provides up to $1,000 in supplemental OTPS funding to schools for the purchase of studio materials to enhance teaching and learning in dance, music, theater, and visual arts. Eligible teachers met the following criteria as of October 31, 2016: • For elementary teachers, full-time assigned teachers teaching at least 50% of their assigned STARS classes in the arts. • For secondary teachers, full-time assigned teachers teaching at least 50% of their assigned STARS classes in the arts and holding NYS certification in that arts content. Additionally, eligible teachers must be on regular active status. Data on teacher programs and certifications was obtained …

The Shubert Arts Leadership Institute 2016-2017: Effective Leadership – Supporting Equity, Access, and Excellence in Arts Instruction

The Shubert Foundation

The Shubert Foundation is supporting the NYCDOE Arts Office in the Division of Teaching and Learning in providing a four-day Shubert Arts Leadership Institute series in 2016-17. Principals and assistant principals who are responsible for programming, supporting and evaluating teachers of the arts and who are committed to advancing quality arts instruction in their schools are invited to participate in this workshop series. School Leaders will collaborate to address challenges of instruction practice, observations and feedback, using tools such as the Blueprints for Teaching and Learning in the Arts, the Framework for Great Schools, Teacher Effectiveness and the Specific Considerations in the Arts, and Assessment for Learning in the Arts. Session I: November 28, 2016 at the Museum of Modern Art Effective Leadership: Supporting Equity, Access, and Excellence in Arts Instruction Session II: February 10, 2017 Assessment for Learning in …

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A StarTCHR powered portal exclusively for School Leaders